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4 Tips To Tipping The Dealer

Tipping The Dealer

This is not the first time that casino gamblers have had trouble when it comes to tipping the dealer. Some amateur gamblers fail to give even a cent for the dealer’s effort while many others over-tip in fear of looking cheap or inexperienced. Here are four tips for tipping the dealer, which will not only serve as a guide to how much and when to tip the dealer but also when to maximize your generosity.

Tip if The Dealer Taught You a Thing or Two

Dealer Taught

Dealers are reliable resources for casino gamblers. A good dealer will help a player master a game with their help. As a matter of fact, most dealers know more about casino games, especially the ones they’re dealing with, than almost anyone who is playing at the casino which can be extremely advantageous to the recreational gambler. Most dealers don’t really care if the players win or lose. They often go out of their way to make sure that all the players are enjoying themselves thoroughly, which may sometimes include a brief lesson on the dos and don’ts of gameplay.

Tip When the Cut Card Favours You

Cut Card Favours You

The dealers at almost every brick and mortar casino have little to no impact on what the results are in the end. Their focus is to run the game efficiently and deal the cards. However, they do have a specific area which lies entirely at their discretion: where to place the cut card. In casinos that use a cut slot, this discretion is lost. In certain casinos, the dealer has complete control over where the cut card should be placed. If the dealer sets the cut card in favour of the player, their generosity should be aptly rewarded. This is an advantage that the player cannot expect every time they sit down at a casino game. When getting the cut card in their favour, it can be extremely useful.

Tip When You’ve Won

There is no such thing as over-tipping since it is at the player’s discretion as to how often and how much they tip. Even though the money won at a casino should be treated with absolute care, the dealer deserves a part of that income because they were at the game as much as the player, even more so since they deal with several players.
Tip to Show That You Are On The Up and Up

When You’ve Won

It is generally considered that advantage players do not tip the dealer since it cuts their bottom line, and since they do not come to the casino for entertainment. Occasionally tipping the dealer even a modest amount will indicate the casino staff that the player is on the level.

Even the most unassuming casino gamblers prefer not to be under the radar of the pit boss or security. However, if the player is counting cards, tipping the dealer might cast a shadow of doubt on the casino’s suspicions. An effective way to get around this is by tipping after a run of losing hands and making a joke about buying a little luck. Since advantage players never believe in luck, this might be a good idea to keep security off the player’s back.

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